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Spanish Cavalry Sword

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A SPANISH BILBO HILTED CAVALRY BROADSWORD, broad double edged 31in blade stamped ‘C IV’ dated 1801 for Carlos IV, King of Spain (ruled1788-1808).
Hilt comprising of an asymmetric slotted bowl guard, short round quillons and knuckle bow, ovoid pommel, copper wire grip.

Line Cavalry troop sword, model 1796. Spain, period Carlos III, Toledo 1786.

Candle trim, formed by cross of hawks turned in opposite directions, handguard ring, temples attached to the inside of the bowl by means of screws, knob with knob. Wooden fist wired with copper twine affirmed by four iron bars. Straight sheet, three tables to the tip. It has the following marks: R coronada – Cs III (King Carlos III) – C (Cavalry) – To (Toledo) – 1786 (year of manufacture). Very good conservation. Regular pitting and spots. Total length 112 cm., blade 92.5 cm., base width sheet 38 mm.

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