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Indian Talwar with Watered Steel Blade of the 18th or 19th century

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Item Description

An Indian Talwar dating to the 18th or early 19th century mounted with an iron hilt  applied with silver metal floral koftgari patterns and mounted with an attractive watered steel traditionally made blade. This is an imposing and impactful  warrior-like weapon in that the blade is 33 inches (84 cm) long when measured along the  cutting edge and weighs just over 2 pounds and six ounces (1.1 kilos) unsheathed.

The grip is of oval section and swollen in the middle. The cross guard quillons are swollen at the ends with disc-like terminals and broad langets extend  down the blade either side from the base of the hilt in the usual manner. The disc-shaped pommel is decorated with a finely chiseled sunburst on top and has a long tapering tang button with a swollen dome-shaped base.

The fine quality blade is scarf welded in the Indian manner and manufactured from a dark grey wootz steel of which much of the original fine granular pattern remains visible. The scabbard is made of wood covered with red cloth stitched with silver braid along one side. The mouthpiece and chape are of chiseled and engraved white metal  decorated in similar style.

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