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Black and White Morion

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An attractive embossed black and white German Comb Morion formed from two pieces into a
rounded crown joined along the crest of a high medial comb with a roped pattern to its edge. Morions
of this form of plainer type were used by the German states as a field accoutrement by infantry and
pike men. The better quality more decorative morions of the type described here were used by more
prestigious individuals that could afford a matching armour and by armed guards in the retinues of
The brim is integral and turned down at each side rising to an acute point to the front and rear. The
edge is turned under around a wire for strength and decorated all around with a pattern of regularly
spaced notches. The base of the crown is encircled with its original ten lining-rivets with rosette brass
washers to the outside. Each side is decorated in raised relief with a large embossed crescent, the
background retaining much of its original blackened colour which contrasts with the bright crescent
and comb which are polished to a smooth finish.
The morion is in good condition compared to many of its contemporaries. It retains its pleasing shape
without noticeable dents and bruises. There is a small nick to the brim at one side which exposes the
moulding wire underneath. The length front to back is 13.5 inches (34 cm).

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