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A French Steel Hilted Officer’s Small Sword dating to circa 1750

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Price: £850

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Item Description

An interesting French steel hilted officer’s small sword dating to the middle of the 18th century. The sword is a nicely balanced example mounted with a double shell guard hilt.  

Given the unforgiving nature of steel the shell guards are skillfully pierced and engraved  with delicate floral patterns on the inner and outer surfaces. This pierced pattern is applied also to the ricasso and pommel with the middle part of the knuckle bow engraved in raised relief in similar style. The rear quillon, pas d’ane rings and  upper and lower portions of the knucklebow are engraved in a gadroon manner as are the thickened outer rims of the shell guards. Remnants of the original blued finish to the hilt can be discerned in the parts that have been less prone to wear. Otherwise the hilt displays a russet patination.    

The grip consists of a wooden baluster-shaped rectangular core spirally covered with bands of copper strip separated by roped copper wire and is mounted with woven “Turk’s Heads” top and bottom. 

The tapering, slender, military style blade is single edged with a short ricasso from which a broad fuller extends beneath the spine to the tip. The blade is 32 inches ( just over 81 cm) long and the overall length of the sword is just over 38 inches (98 cm). The condition of the sword is in fine and original form.

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