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A Flintlock Light Dragoon Pistol of Elliott Type signed GALTON and dated 1760

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Item Description

A nice Flintlock Dragoon Pistol of 1759 Elliott Type signed GALTON and dated 1760 on the lockplate. Galton was one of a group of Birmingham based gunmakers which included Vernon, Gill, Grice, Jordan and Edge contracted by the Board of Ordnance to supply these pistols. The practice of engraving a maker’s name and date on lockplates was discontinued in 1764.

The round barrel is of .66 (16) carbine bore and has a baluster moulded ramp at the breech with King’s proof marks on top,  a touch hole inspector’s mark consisting of a number 4 beneath a crown near the pan, and a further crown inspection mark at the tang.  The cock, lock plate, steel and top jaw are double borderline engraved. The rounded plate is signed ‘GALTON 1760’ at the pointed tail and marked with a crowned ‘G R’ device in front of the cock with the government ownership mark to its right. The frizzen spring has a trefoil terminal. The wooden ramrod has a brass tip.

The walnut full stock is mounted with regulation brass furniture. It retains its stock-fitter’s stamp of “I K” near the brass sideplate. The wrist is stamped with the usual inspection and storekeeper’s marks. The inside of the ramrod tube has very feint inspection stamps.  The trigger guard is stamped with a crown on the inside below the backward scrolled trigger tip.

The wooden stock is in good condition with slight scratches, dings and wear all over with a consistent attractive chestnut colour patination. The lock, barrel and furniture fit snugly into the stock. The Ordnance stamps are all clear. There are slight blackened patches in places on the lock which is in fine mechanical working order. The brass furniture is in good condition.

For three other examples of this type of pistol and description of the pattern see Geoff Davies, Barry Chisnall & Clive Brook, “British Ordnance Single Shot Pistols”, published by Maine Military, 2019, Chapter 4, pages 12-14. Also see Robert Brooker, “British Military Pistols”, Colorcraft Ltd, 2016, page 100 to 101.

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