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About Us

My name is Tony Willis and welcome to Alban Arms & Armour.

Alban Arms & Armour Ltd has evolved from over 30 years of personal interest in antique arms and armour. During this time I have been drawn to antique weapons and related objects particularly of Scottish origin and dating mainly to before the turn of the 19th century. I live in the United Kingdom.

Over the last 25 years I have written a number of articles and papers on the subject which have been published in various specialist magazines and periodicals.

It has given me great satisfaction to source and place some rare artifacts with private individuals, major collections and national museums. I have also gained pleasure from helping enthusiasts from all backgrounds with research when I am able to do so. One of my main aims with this website is to connect with other people who share my deep interest in the subject.

Whilst this website is primarily concerned with selling antique arms and armour, we will always interested in hearing from you should you wish to explore selling your own collection, or individual items.

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