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Turkish Ottoman Yataghan Dated 1212 / 1797/8

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Item Description

A Turkish Yataghan of high quality and in fine condition. The single-edged blade is characteristically slightly curved and inlaid with silver patterns of lines, flowers and foliage along its length. An inlaid panel bears a brief inscription including the date on one face. The gilt-copper lower portion of the hilt extends over the section of the blade nearest the hilt and is decorated over its surface with filigree and inset with a piece of rounded coral on each side. The back and front straps to the hilt are similarly decorated and set with fluted coral beads and white metal squares in raised relief.

A pair of complete and elegantly formed marine ivory grip-scales (probably walrus tusk) are retained by four brass rivets which pass through the tang. The Yataghan retains its leather-covered wooden scabbard stitched along one side with brass wire and mounted with a band of white metal around the throat and a white metal terminal. The scabbard also retains its leather suspension loop. The overall length is 26.75 inches (67.75 cm). The blade is 21.25 inches (54 cm) long.

This Yataghan is similar to other dated examples held in the Military Museum in Istanbul (published in “Yatagan”, Gozde Yasar, Askeri Muze ve Kultur Sitesi Komutanligi, 2009).

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