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assembled circa 1810, the 36 1/2in. barrel possibly earlier and of multi-staged damascus, each intersection with a decorative moulded band inlaid with white metal arabesques and flanked by further panels of arabesques, yellow metal maker’s poincon near the flaring breech, flared and moulded muzzle with white metal notched fore-sight, standing gothic arch aperture rear-sight with deep sighting channel running behind along the full engraved top-tang, flat border engraved lock signed in script below the rainproof pan ‘MACLAUCHLAN, EDIN’R’, scientific trophy engraved to the clipped tail, swan-necked cock and roller frizzen-spring, walnut half-stock in the English style chequered at the wrist and with engraved iron furniture, white metal escutcheons for the twin barrel keys and white metal fore-end tip, moulded ramrod thimbles with rolled end and brass mounted mahogany ramrod

Barrel: Has been lightly cleaned with some patchy shallow pitting remaining. Silver inlays rubbed but complete. Gold poincon crisp and sharp. A little loss to definition on sharp edges.


Lock: Excellent condition with traces of faded colour and crisp engraved details, indicating barrel may be much older than the lock. Positive and audible half and full cock positions.


Woodwork & Furniture: Wood is generally very good and in apparent original condition. Does have some shallow bruises and scratches. Iron furniture pieces have lost their colour or finish but engraved detail well preserved


Please Note: This antique musket is sold under section 58 of the UK firearms act as a curio or ornament only and nothing within this report should be taken as an indication of suitability for use.

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