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Early 19th Century Ottoman Kilij with Watered Steel Blade

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Item Description

A fine Ottoman Kilij with watered steel blade and silver mounts dating to the late 18th or early 19th century. The Kilij comes with its original scabbard. The mounts show remnants of gilt in the crevices indicating that at the time of manufacture the mounts were probably covered with a gilt overlay.

The grip is formed with a silver cross guard with pronounced equally sized langets extending down the blade and upwards into the horn grip scales either side. The horizontal quillons narrow towards the ends and terminate in swollen oval knops. The whole is decorated with typical Ottoman manner with patterns of foliage and incised linear patterns. The grip scales are joined together by two silver pins and the tubular decorated wrist cord aperture at the pommel which is folded over at the ends. The scales are separated by a continuous fluted band of silver coloured metal.

The scabbard is of wood covered with stitched black leather and a large silver chape and mouthpiece both decorated at the edges with rope work designs and floral patterns to the middle. The mouthpiece is shaped with an aperture either side with a raised hem and decorated with a scallop at the base to accommodate the downward facing langets. The scabbard is also mounted with two solid silver suspension loops.

The curved blade has a long ricasso some 7 inches (16 cm) long, after which the blade is of “T” back section to the yelman which is a few inches from the tip. A wide and shallow central fuller extends almost to the tip. The blade significantly widens towards, and after, the yelman and after which the blade is double edged. The blade length is 31 inches (79 cm) and overall 36 inches (92 cm). The silver pieces on this item is not hallmarked and may not conform to any modern standard but is assumed to be of the same quality as other Ottoman silver pieces made at the time.

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