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In this section we illustrate objects which possess a certain uniqueness or scarcity that require a more detailed description than is usual. Each item is featured in a short essay which we hope is both informative and interesting in each case. If you would like to receive further information please let us know by email through the Contact section of our site or by telephone. We will be pleased to hear from you

A fine Scottish Basket Hilted Sword of Stirling type dating to circa 1740 with Jacobite associations.

A lovely, well balanced and imposing Scottish basket hilted sword, almost certainly from the workshop of Walter Allan of Stirling. The hilt is robustly constructed from a frame of thick, flattened and well-worked structural bars, similar in form to the highest quality “Glasgow” style hilts of the first half of the 18th century. The bars are fluted to the outside, consisting of a wide central groove flanked by narrow incised …

A Very Rare Scottish Highland Jacobite Targe – Early 18th Century

This short paper describes an important Scottish Highland Jacobite Targe.┬áThe Targe dates to the early 18th century and probably to the time of, or shortly before, the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion. Targes started to be used in the Scottish Highlands in substantial numbers in the early 17th century and became synonymous with warrior Highland clansmen and the “Highland Charge”. This battle tactic is thought to have been perfected at the time …

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