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British 1756 Pattern Land Service Pistol by Richard Edge of London Dated 1760

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Item Description

A British Dragoon flintlock pistol by Richard Edge of London.┬áThe 12 inch barrel has the usual government proof marks to the left hand side of the breech consisting of a crown over GR over a broad arrow, and a crown above crossed sceptres below. The top of the barrel has indistinct letters from a regimental marking. The lockplate face is marked with a crown and broad arrow government ownership mark beneath the pan, to the middle a crown with “GR” beneath and the tail is marked with “EDGE” and the date 1760. The barrel tang is stamped with a crown inspection mark and beneath this on the stock a large letter “G” is present with a smaller number “9” beneath.

The pistol is a decent example of its type in original and unrestored condition. There is a nice salt and pepper sheen to the iron and steel parts. The brass retaining screw in the trigger guard is probably a working life replacement. The trigger guard is of early form. The ramrod appears to be original. The stock is in good condition with a slight split and minor loss at the forend tip. This minor damage is old, probably dating to the end of the working life of the pistol, and most likely caused by the pistol being dropped on a hard surface.

Richard Edge is recorded as working for part of his career at his shop in London from 1725 to 1761 and as part of his inventory making “flintlock holster pistols with the Royal Cypher” – see “English, Irish and Scottish Firearms Makers”, A. Merwyn Carey, Arco Publishing, New York, 1954, page 28.

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